Wandering the night
Lost and alone
No star to guide
My footsteps home

The forest of the heart
So tangled and obscure
Wild feelings run
And ancient hurts endure

Then came the One
Eyes burning truth
Nectar cup in one hand
And a sword for cutting through
And he stood right there before me.

Now the forest of the heart
Has like a garden grown
Rare flowers bloom where the seeds of love are sown
There's a paradise within - bright sea without a shore
No need to wander once Love's come to your door
And I feel like dancing
In the forest of the heart

"True devotees always see the devotion of others to be greater than their own."

"Abandon yourself to the experience of the incomparable joy of surrendering to the Holy Name, not bothering about what anyone thinks of you and indulge in the greatest love affair possible - a love affair with the Divine!"