The Art & Ecstasy of Chanting

Kirtan - the Art and Ecstasy of Chanting 

Kirtan: The Art and Ecstasy of Chanting is the long-awaited book by Western chant leader, Divya Prabha. In this comprehensive guide to the how-to’s of chanting, she generously shares her personal experience and a wealth of practical tips to help chanters derive full benefit from the beautiful and sacred practice of kirtan—both as leaders and participants. The book also includes inspiration and encouragement for aspiring composers who wish to create their own chants to the Divine.

Divya presents an introduction to the path of bhakti yoga, of which kirtan is a central practice, guiding readers through its ancient underpinnings and offering an insightful orientation to the various deities and energies invoked through chanting.

This beautiful handbook will deepen and enrich the practice of kirtan for beginners and experienced chanters alike.

Divya Prabha is a gifted singer and prolific composer of Sanskrit chants that are now sung all over the world. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, she underwent a profound spiritual awakening at age 28, which led her to yoga and to a life with her Indian masters, Swami Sri Kripalvananda, Swami Haridhos Giri, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Since 1975, she has been inspiring others to chant around the globe and is among a handful of Western chanters responsible for the amazing upsurge in chanting in the West.

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"The moment we begin chanting the Holy Names, we instantly rise to become living, vibrating instruments of the Divine—beacons radiating grace and blessing outward to infinity."

- Divya Prabha